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Startups and Intellectual Property


Developing and implementing a strong intellectual property strategy is essential for businesses, particularly for early stage startups – not doing so may prove fatal. In fact, IP Assignment is considered one of the top legal forms for every startup. From cutting-edge technologies to inventions, your intellectual property and your guaranteed ownership of it is what distinguishes your company – it is also what makes your company appealing to investors. However, too often, emerging businesses forgo IP strategies while investing in all types of plans necessary to build, grow, and maintain their company. Sometimes these companies simply do not recognize the scope and the potential of their IP. Laying a strong foundation is the key to future success and building a great business. We can help you. From patents to copyrights and trademarks, StartupAMP will help you determine the best strategy for protecting your most important assets. 



A Counsel for your startup business



About StartupAMP

StartupAMP is supported by AMPACC Law Group. Our seasoned legal experts have worked extensively across different industries and countries throughout the world. Our mission is to foster innovation through protecting your company’s most valuable intellectual property assets. Our skilled patent attorneys will assist you and your company, from identifying your most valuable IP to developing a plan to obtain and protect these assets.

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